Art + Culture = Civilizations

"A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots." Marcus Garvey


Art and Culture creates the greatest value for the world, illuminating it's greatest asset - humanity.

Full Gallop Entertainment was founded in 2001 by vocalist-songwriter, podcaster, producer Veronica Nunn and pianist, composer, arranger, Travis Shook and along with their first enterprise, Dead Horse Records. Since then they have added three other ventures to the musical division of the company.

They began their first collaborative partnership in 2011 with The Daya Indonesia Performing Arts Academy (formally IMDI), utilizing the Master Class program - The Philosophy of Jazz Vocals and Performance Etiquette developed by Veronica Nunn. This lead to international artist residency for Ms. Nunn. The second collaborative partnership was established in 2013 with the domestic non-profit organization, Seed Artists. During that same year, Dead Horse Records launched the first episode of Tales From the Jazz Side podcast featuring guest artists interviews around the topic of "what's scares us".


Art and Culture creates....

Full Gallop Music & Production

The division that focuses on the production and development of podcasts, recordings and artists projects. Additionally it extends its services to offer education programs both domestically and internationally.

Cross-Cultural Music Education Partnerships

For over a decade we have partnered with two incredible organizations, one domestic, the other international. It is from these alliances we are able to assist in strengthening and empowering all those who believe as we do, that art is the way toward a better world, a more humanistic world.


Value creation in action...

A new video podcast show created as companion to Tales from the Jazz Side. A videocast called Tales With A View. 

Upcoming travel to Jakarta Indonesia to participate in the Music Festival of Indonesia 2024. Details to follow.

The 10-year anniversary collaboration with Seed Artists on the upcoming  Eric Dolphy Freedom of Sound festival.